As we all know the trucking industry is drastically changing. Planet Financial is helping thousands of people in getting Truck Financing / Refinancing / Leasing all over Canada. The workforce of trucking is ageing. In Canada, there is increasing demand for truck drivers in Brampton continues to grow rapidly. Finding women driver plays a very vital role these days and it continues to be a major challenge for the concrete industry.

For Canada’s economic growth there is an urgent need for the trucking industry to recruit, develop and retain employees. People are also keeping truck finance as the main priority these days. To meet the needs of its customer and consumers. As we know increasing truck driving women’s participation in Canada’s trucking industry is a corporate issue. Recognizing that women only represent about 3% of the trucking workforce in Canada has prompted government and corporate funding, additional educational and training resources and the emergence of new associations that encourage the employment of women in trucking, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry.

Women are a key source of talent but not a lot of ladies are working in the trucking department or getting a truck driver’s license. In the past research in various industries, it has shown that tutoring is a vital retention tool. It is particularly useful in helping women to move into and be successful in occupations and sectors where they are under-represented. Having a mentoring for women program in place can also help in recruiting women to a company, communicating that it welcomes women employees, diversity and inclusion.”

According to the research average, female truck drivers weigh 25 % less than male truck drivers As Elen Voie, the president of the women trucking association said there are physical differences between men and women that present a challenge to getting more females into the cab. Women are usually shorter and lighter which makes it harder for them to reach the controls and find a comfortable seat position. In the market, a lot of truck wholesalers are designing vehicles that are comfortable for women

First, address the physical side of things. Truck cabs are generally designed to accommodate a male driver. Women are usually shorter and lighter, which makes it harder for them to reach the controls and find a comfortable seat position. Many truck manufacturers are designing vehicles that are ergonomically oriented towards women. Purchase cabs that are designed to accommodate female drivers and work with a professional to ensure your drivers are operating the vehicle comfortably. Fit your vehicle with an emergency alert and provide separate sleeping spaces for men and women. GPS fleet management software can also help fleet managers track trucks in real-time—something that will be immensely reassuring for female recruits.

These days a lot of people are motivated to get a truck license and if you want to become an owner-operator in the future while buying a new truck you can always contact our team for truck financing or refinancing. Most of the time trucking world has been considered as a male dominated industry that requires a lot of hours and travelling. AZ truck driver is a job with a decent pay rate and you will see women driver on the highway, but they are very fewer women in the trucking industry.

But now this is taking another turn. Women in Trucking, like many other professions, have crossed into the twenty-first century and slowly opened their doors to female drivers. For men on the road, life is tough, but for women, it is harder.

Example: Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, heads the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada (wtfc.ca). Its self-stated mission is “… to bridge barriers, empower women and provide a positive platform for education, mentorship, networking and development within the trucking and transportation industry.”

A driver herself, she was inducted into the Private Motor Truck Council’s Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers in 2020 and was awarded the 2020 Woman of Inspiration Rural Leader honor as well. There is nobody better to speak to about all this. And if you’re looking for a good job there’s Trucking HR Canada and its comprehensive Mentorship Programs for Women.

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