Being a truck driver can create a demanding lifestyle. Having to live your life in a truck can definitely feel crammed as the drivers don’t have set schedules, they rely on truck stops for nourishment and sit for long stretches of time, inconsistent sleep schedules, cooking in the truck, and finding places to park for the night are just a few of the things a trucker deals with every day. Over time, this can lead to various health problems, including weight gain, back pain and lethargy. At first it may seem difficult to figure out how to be a healthy truck driver. But, by implementing simple changes into your daily routine you can see the benefits.

Here are some tips to help drivers maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road:

  • Healthy Eating:

Staying healthy as a truck driver on the road has been a big initiative for the trucking industry overall. Many drivers opt to buy a snack at a truck stop rather than preparing a healthy homemade dinner. It would be better to swap sugary drinks for water, and keep healthy snacks on-hand like fruits, nuts, trail mix and smoothies to curb hunger in between breaks.

  • Sleep:

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to be most productive. Avoid caffeine and spicy or greasy foods, Try to turn off electronics so that you can get good sleep, getting a white noise machine can help too as it blocks out noises of the parking lot. When you ensure that you get enough sleep, you can help to improve your overall health.

  • Exercise:

Truck drivers often experience lower back and neck pain that can only be alleviated by doing simple stretching, daily exercise, brisk walking, biking and weightlifting when ever they get a chance. Try to bring your walking shoes on each trip. Some rest stations have nearby walking trails. Take advantage of daily opportunities to get active.

  • Stress:

Another factor to be taken care of is -STRESS. First, figure out what causes you stress. Second, try to manage your stress when it occurs. Find ways to distract yourself.  If you can get out of your truck, go for a short walk and get some sun. If you’re driving, listen to your favorite music. Make relaxation a habit, too.

If you start making small changes and continue to challenge yourself as you go you’ll be thankful you made these adjustments, as being healthy is essential for your well-being, for your family’s well-being and for a successful career.