Top Ten Essentials Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Cab - Truck Loans and Leasing ExpertsTop Ten Essentials Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Cab - Truck Loans and Leasing Experts

Top Ten Essentials Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Cab - Truck Loans and Leasing ExpertsTop Ten Essentials Every Truck Driver Should Have In Their Cab - Truck Loans and Leasing Experts

There are many necessities on the open road. If you’re a new truck driver, you’ll discover certain things you need—often because you don’t have them when you need them most! Certain items seem essential during times of distress, yet you would not have thought of until you need it the most. All drivers are different and will want to bring different things with them, but here are a few great items to pack that will help keep your mind at ease. Being an az truck driver means spending a lot of time on the road, and that means you won’t have access to all the supplies and necessities of home. Every driver is different and will want different things with them, but there are some good basics that every driver should have. Here are a few of them:


Long haul Truck drivers need back-up and mirror-mounted cameras to see around them. Suburban Seating & Safety sells a few models, as well as LCD monitors to improve visibility and safety. Sometime the windshield gets covered with lots of snow and camera acts like a backbone while driving in snow.


Many truck drivers agree that these are the most comfy and durable, and tend to be less constricting than racing gloves. According to drivers, flatbed truckers find gloves to be particularly essential. Not only do gloves provide warmth on cold days, but they’re a good way to protect your hands from injury.


This is a gamechanger as you’re going to be checking the tire pressure a lot, you better have a handy-dandy trusty tire pressure gauge. These small tools can help you avoid a big accident due to tire issues, so they are very important in case of any emergency.


Being an owner operator truck driver it is crucial  to have a fully loaded first-aid kit, with adhesive bandages in all sizes, sterile gauze pads, alcohol or disinfectant wipes, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, scissors, and a few packs of oral medications such as antihistamines and a pain reliever/fever-reducer. Make sure the one you have is useful or get a good a better one for yourself.


A good emergency kit should include batteries, a flashlight, tin snips, bottled water, flares, duct tape, jumper cables, tarp, canned food, extra gloves, socks, and a hat, a window de-icer, a wrench, a knife, fuses, and pliers. And, like the first-aid kit, it may not include everything you need. And also at planet financial we provide you the best rate for your truck loan in case of any emergencies.


It is very important for one’s safety and these are very smart to have if you are working on your truck during the dark nighttime, and you should also have one because some vendors and sites will need truck drivers to wear the safety vest.


Most of the time truckers have multiple uses for a flashlight and having a very strong and durable one is important. If your truck breaks down during a snowstorm or heavy rain, LED flashlight will save you from all the hassle.


Instead of having junk food at hand, keeping fruit, sunflower seeds, nuts whole-grain crackers, and dark chocolate nearby will help you stay alert on the road.


Unlike regular vacuums, these do not take up a lot of space, and they still get the job done. Keep your cab clean, while not worrying about any future messes.


If your cell phone battery dies or the navigation system fails, at least you’ll have a backup for reference, so you can get to your destination safely and on time. A good Randy McNally Motor Carrier’s Road Atlas is so nice. This atlas is made especially for truck drivers all around the world.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack some long-life nibbling snacks such as peanuts, sesame crackers, dried fruit, chocolate and protein bars just in case you fall foul of a midnight munchies attack and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter for our recent updates. Apply online for quick approvals for your own or commercial truck loans or Call us and book an appointment. Our agents are always ready to help you for truck financing all over Canada.