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During 1925 and ice cream industry gave birth to the reefer. As early as the mid-1800s, companies were looking to find the most efficient way to transport perishable goods. For many years, trains were the only way to effectively transport this kind of freight and they were looking for a cheaper way for the same. Frederick McKinley Jones of Cincinnati, Ohio, was born in 1893 and served with the U.S. Army in World War I. After the war, he self-educated in many mechanical and electronic fields. By 1938, Jones invented the first-ever portable air-cooling units for use on trucks. By 1940, he received a patent which included the introduction of the first ever fully refrigerated truck.


Reefer trucks or reefer trucks for rental are also known as refrigerated trucks which can be also known as standard semi-cabs. Reefer and dry vans are also known as trailers which are designed to haul perishable goods and temperature-sensitive goods. The trailers are mainly insulated and ventilated which also contains an active cooling system.  In reefers, the temperature can also be adjusted to haul heated goods as well. Bringing fresh food from the farm(distributors) to the people (stores) is one of the most fundamental jobs while driving a refrigerated truck. For instance, people from Maine can have ripe avocados and people from Utah can have fresh lobster and a small mil can be distributed to a large chain of grocery stores as reefers keep the food safe and hygienic. It is refrigerated by diesel-powered generators and liquid carbon dioxide and its ranges from simple ice cream trucks to large containers.

Reefers consist of multiple cooling methods like diesel-powered generators and cryogenic cooling systems. Reefer units consist of different components and the cooling cycle like The compressor, Condenser, Evaporator. There are different parts of a reefer trailer that have more parts than standard shipping trailers which include:

  • Reefer unit (described above)
  • Insulated box
  • Air chute
  • Air ride suspension
  • Tire inflation systems

Most reefer trailers are 53 feet long, though they are available in other sizes as well. Some of the more mechanical elements for reefers are:

First, everything described above to make the reefer unit work properly requires fuel. This means a higher cost of operation for a driver or company. In addition to the typical fuel, you’ll need for the truck, you’ll also need to keep the reefer fueled. Obviously, this means higher fuel costs. Most reefer tanks hold around 50 gallons of fuel. This should last anywhere from four to five days, but that can vary. Proper maintenance, ambient temperature, and overall condition of the trailer and unit can affect reefer fuel consumption. Since reefer fuel operates on a closed system cycle, how you drive doesn’t affect its fuel consumption. Finally, the temperature range on a reefer unit is remarkable. You can find units stretching from as low as negative 85 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  5. Credit Application (download it here)
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